Satu Herrala (FI): Sauna lectures

Sauna Lectures, the finale of ANTI 2013, revives the age-old Finnish tradition of discussing politics and social affairs in the sauna.In a playful nod to the formalities of informed discussion Herrala has invited three ‘experts’ to provoke and inform discussion as we sweat it out in the world’s largest smoke sauna. As a collective, physical experience it’s a world away from traditional sites of debate and a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon and see out ANTI 2013.

The session’s three lectures are themed around ideas of corporality; a shrewd subject to take into the sauna.

2 pm. Spirit-Soul-Body, led by Marja-Sisko Aalto, Dean and Notary of the Kuopio diocese.

3.15 pm Expensive and Inexpensive Bodies?, led by Hannele Harjunen, Doctor of Social Sciences at Jyväskylä University, with a research interest in obesity as a social phenomenon.

4.30 pm  Bodily rituals, led by choreographer Tomi Paasonen

The Lumberjack’s Lodge’s smoke sauna, with its gentle heat, will be our venue at Rauhalahti. Participants are asked to wear a swimming suit as the lectures will take place in a mixed sauna, and there is a possibility to cool down in the lake between the lectures. The sauna’s café is open during the afternoon. The lectures will run in Finnish and English.

Free bus transport to the sauna:

1.30 pm Hotel Puijonsarvi – Rauhalahti Smoke Sauna

3 pm  Kuopio Harbour – Rauhalahti Smoke Sauna

3.30 pm  Rauhalahti Smoke Sauna – Hotel Puijonsarvi

6.30 pm  Rauhalahti Smoke Sauna – Hotel Puijonsarvi

Satu Herrala (FI)

Satu Herrala works as a choreographer and curator in Finland, Austria and Germany. She operates as an independent artist and as a collaborator in various collective projects. Herrala creates performances, installations, curated programmes, communal events and politically-charged interventions.

Sauna Lecturesis supported by the Nordic Residency Project, a collaboration between ANTI Festival and The Festival, Reykjavik and funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Culture Fund. The Nordic Residency Project is an initiative to support live art in and around the Nordic region. Sauna Lectures was developed in Reykjavik in February 2013.