Sarah Ross (US): Archsuit

Archsuit is a suite of sculptural apparatuses that enable the body to counter hard surfaces of urban spaces using soft wearable forms. Archisuit corresponds to specific architecture, making the relationship between the body and the built environment spectacular. Participants can wear an Archisuit in order to fit into sites around Kuopio. As we tour and perform each site we will discuss the development of urban planning and architecture as it pertains to human comfortability and social engagement.

Sarah Ross (US)

“I am interested in discourses of safety and security as they manifest in the day-to-day landscape of cities, towns and neighbourhoods. My work is an exploration into the aesthetic manifestations of the built environment, and the relationships they could indicate. The interstices of affect and human landscapes have propelled me to work in multiple forms and materials, which include customized jogging suits, performative photographs, fantastical proposals for public spaces, and street posters”