Sanna From & Riina Hannuksela (FI): I Love Me Lunch Play

Tuesday 25.9. – Friday 28.9. 12:00 – 13:00
Mobile | Participant’s current location

“This game will solve all the problems you might have in your life.”

The main goal of I Love Me Lunch Play is to get new perspectives on your everyday life. You can play this game in your everyday surroundings, inside or outside, in institutions, work places, schools, malls, parks, yards, streets etc.

The aim is to have fun, to laugh, to get inspired, to trust yourself, to exercise, to be original, to meditate, to be in contact with the whole universe, to enlighten your body and your soul, to unite with all creatures of the world, to be a better person and the best project manager of all, to make your family and pets love you, to fall in love with yourself, to connect yourself with your inner powers, to make you more flexible mentally and physically, to make you a better dancer, to clear your chakras by getting rid of all the bad energy inside and outside of you, to get the angels to guard you… You name it.

Sanna From & Riina Hannuksela (FI): I Love Me Lunch Play


Players from one person to a team
Mobile Phone or Tablet with camera
Internet browser
Everyday environment


Each player can choose whether to play alone or in company. There are no limitations to how many people can play together as a team.

In order to play you need to sign in here: (see instructions below).

Playing the Game

Game starts each day at 12 pm. and ends at 1 pm. Follow the order of the tasks given.

There is no right or wrong way to complete the tasks. You can adjust your answer to the circumstances you are playing in. What is not forbidden, is allowed. It is recommended to make your own interpretations.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have time to finish all the tasks. It only means that you are brilliant!

During the game algorithm (meaning we) evaluates the data you produce. You will get some bonus tasks that will deepen into the challenges you have in your life.

At the end of the game you will get the power sentence you need at the moment. Hopefully It will make your day!

The images you download on Seppo while playing will be part of the collage of images projected during the festival.

How to play?

Open your internet browser on your device and go to page .
Log in as a player.
Give the daily PIN code:

Tue 25th: 42F423
Wed 26th: F0F6BC
Thu 27th: B0E554
Fri 28th: A303F8

Name your team and press “Continue”.
The game gives you a Player Code. Take a screenshot of the code. (You might need it if something happens and you need to login again. See notes below.)
Proceed to the game.


In case you accidentally end up being logged out of the game and you need to login again: Proceed instructions from one to three. Instead of PIN code give the player code (the one in your screenshot ) which will lead you back to the game.

If you have any questions while playing you can always chat with the artists (shoutbox or private message in the game).

Before sending your answer double check that the image/video has downloaded properly (you can see the image on the page of your answer).

Have fun!
Love, Riina and Sanna

Sanna From & Riina Hannuksela (FI): I Love Me Lunch Play

Sanna From (FI)

Sanna From is a dance artist concentrating on social possibilities in arts. She has been taking part in developing ways to utilize the expertise of dance artists in promotion of learning, social equality and wellbeing. Sanna is a graduated dance pedagogue (Danshögskolan 2000) and in 2014, she also studied in the ”Artist as Developer” programme of Theatre Academy of University of Arts, Helsinki. Currently, she is working as a director and choreographer in a project promoting immigrant youth’s integration through arts. Together with Riina Hannuksela she is developing practices based on game, play and multidisciplinary expression. Working with people with different backgrounds, she wants to create platforms for inspiration, equality and joy.

Riina Hannuksela (FI)

Riina Hannuksela is a dance artist working for diversity and inclusion. She works outside art institutions, in public spaces and usually with non-professionals. She is inspired by the everyday life and is always ready to play. Hannuksela has MA in Cultural History (2006) and BA in Dance Pedagogy (2010). In her artistic practice, she aims at improving equality between agencies of diverse abilities by co-creating and co-experiencing. She is curious about the surprise and the unpredictability brought to the artistic process by the surroundings and people.  Lately, she has been directing a dance group for youth and children with intellectual disabilities. In addition, she’s been working with immigrants and in multidisciplinary projects.