Rotozaza (UK): Wondermart

Wondermart is a unique, interactive audio tour that takes you on a journey of rediscovery through the familiar surroundings of the high-density retail environment. Immersed in a private soundscape and anonymous behind your trolley, you are both actor and audience, surrounded by every day drama. Instructions guide you around the aisles, blurring the real and the imaginary, and transforming an ordinary supermarket into the setting for strange adventures.

“In creating an entirely private space in a public setting, something extraordinary happens.” The Guardian, UK

Rotozaza (UK)

“Rotozaza (core members Anthony Hampton and Silvia Mercuriali) have quietly established themselves as one of UK’s most consistently surprising and innovative performance groups. From our early site-specific work in Milan and Paris through to a more recent focus on unrehearsed ‘guest’ performers, our two aims have always been the same: to identify and celebrate what can only be done live, and to foster international links through an exciting practice which isn’t afraid to operate in foreign languages and cultures. Our work is as challenging as it is humorous, and often marked by key revelations which totally change an audience’s perspective on the event they witness”

NOTE: Please pre-book to confirm your participation: info(at), phone +358 50 305 2005 or book at Festival Centre Intro during the festival.