Riina Hannuksela (FI)

Riina Hannuksela is a dance artist working for diversity and inclusion. She works outside art institutions, in public space and usually with non-professionals. She is inspired by everyday life and is always ready to play.

Hannuksela has MA in Cultural History (2006) and BA in Dance Pedagogy (2010).

In her artistic practice, she aims at improving equality between agencies of diverse abilities by co-creating and co-experiencing. She is curious about the surprise and the unpredictability brought to the artistic process by the surroundings and people.

Lately, she has been directing a dance group for youth and children with intellectual disabilities. In addition to that, she’s been working with immigrants and in multidisciplinary projects.

Riina Hannuksela. Kuva: Karin Smeds
Riina Hannuksela. Photo: Karin Smeds