Richard DeDomenici (UK): The Swivelympics

Saturday 29.9. 10:00 – 15:00
ANTI pop-up play space | Hallikatu 14

Welcome to The Swivelympics – your chance to achieve international sporting greatness without standing up!

The aim of Swivelympics – other than world peace and human understanding – is to complete the most number of spins in
one self-propelled push in a standard office swivel chair.

The International Swivelympic Committee (ISC) are working hard to professionalise the sport, optimising performance techniques and equipment, thereby enabling Swivelympians to continue setting new standards without having to resort to doping. Since launching in 2012 The Swivelympics has visited The National Theatre, Boring Conference, Edinburgh Fringe, Latitude Festival, Les Halles in Brussels, Festival of Thrift, and, perhaps most prestigiously, Level 5 of the new Tate Modern Switch House during both days of its opening weekend in 2016.

The current world record, set by a young woman called Lucy at the Festival of Thrift in 2015, is 48.5 spins. If you manage to beat that score, you’ll win a genuine gold medal, made entirely out of plastic.

Richard DeDomenici (UK): The Swivelympics

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