Regin Igloria (US): The Puijo Hill 3 – day

The Puijo Hill 3-Day is a durational performance hike that will begin at the base of Puijo Ridge, the famous landmark of Kuopio. The artist encourages others to join him as he spends three days hiking up and down the hill. Anyone may join ‘the cause’,  much like an organized fundraising walk. All registered participants will be issued a bib number to wear during the hike and given a commemorative embroidered patch as a souvenir of the experience.

Regin Igloria (US)

“My work is a study in humanistic movement found within the natural environment, mostly of the kind experienced among the privileged in the travel and tourism industry. In my performance hikes, I see walking as a way to interpret the struggle, challenge, and opposition encountered in everyday life. These works embrace an athletic tone, as if taking on the tedium of training and exercising. I constantly ask, ‘How well, how fast, how long and how much better can one handle the hard work?’”