Reality Research Center, Emelie Zilliacus & Martin Paul (FI): Exhibit

WED 15.9.2021 / 19.00 & 22.00
THU 16.9.2021 / 14.00, 19.00 & 22.00
SAT 18.9.2021 / 12.00 & 17.00
SUN 19.9.2021 / 12.00 & 14.00

address: Maaherrankatu 3
Not accessible for participants with physical disabilities


Would you go to a performance you know nothing about?

This is an impossible performance, no-one knows the content of it, not even the festival arrangers. The artists Emelie Zilliacus and Martin Paul have been given a chance by the Reality Research Center and the ANTI festival to make a performance without sharing any details about the piece.

The artists have thought about how the bureaucracies governing the funding of the art field have a negative effect on creative work. Artists have to justify their art in funding applications, reports and marketing. Zilliacus and Paul have experienced that this has the effect of draining the creative process. Artists have to present the answers before even having explored the questions.

Who decides what art should be seen and produced? The funders, the artists, the audience? What are the relations of these three in making a performance? Exhibit will be an attempt to explore these questions whilst still being a part of the structures the artists oppose.

“We welcome you to this utopian idea of ours, our secret performance that is purely meant for you to experience, nothing more – nothing less.”


Safe festival experience

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Reality Research Center, Emelie Zilliacus & Martin Paul (FI): Exhibit

Emelie Zilliacus & Martin Paul

Emelie Zilliacus and Martin Paul are both actors, graduating from the Theatre Academy in Helsinki in the summer of 2021. Zilliacus and Paul want to examine theatre as a happening and investigate the social and economic circumstances surrounding it. EXHIBIT will be the duo's first performance outside of the Theatre Academy.

Residency Program for Impossible Performance

The Residency Program for Impossible Performance is part of the Reality Research Center’s main program from 2019 to 2021. The main partner of the residency program is the ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival in Kuopio, Eastern Finland. Through an open call, the Reality Research Center selects one residency artist per year to produce an unprecedented performance to be premiered at the ANTI Festival in September. The residency program is meant for emerging artists who work in Finland and who have unfulfilled dreams about performing arts. The previous performances of the program were Mimosa Norja’s Dear Deer in 2019 and Samuli Laine's Nurture in 2020.

Reality Research Centre is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the City of Helsinki.

Reality Research Center, Emelie Zilliacus & Martin Paul (FI): Exhibit

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Reality Research Center, Emelie Zilliacus & Martin Paul (FI): Exhibit

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