Rachel Henson (UK): Flickers

Flickers is a walk navigated by flick books and hand-cranked animation devices which place fleeting filmic images, created from photographs of the real environment, into the landscape before a walker’s eyes.

Each flick book animates the way ahead, playfully compelling the participant through unexpected gaps in the landscape; investigating what is behind and underneath; building a sense of excitement and trepidation that lends visionary intensity to sights and objects found there.

Rachel Henson (UK)

“I am interested in the act of walking, in how it brings our focus to the very edge of our senses, amplifying the landscape and triggering dream-like powers of locomotion, of vision. My work follows our desire to walk the gaps between buildings, over waste ground or through breaks in the trees to find places we feel ourselves alone.  It probes the suggestion: ‘Here I am safe from being seen, but not from what I may come upon’”

This performance is for small groups or one person at a time.  The walk takes 45 minuets.

NOTE! This work has a limited audience capacity. Please pre-book to confirm your participation: info(at)antifestival.com or phone +358 50 305 2005