Pohjois-Savon kirjallinen yhdistys Vestäjät (FI): Literary Art On Fire

If you’ve ever written creatively you’ll surely have a few pages that you wouldn’t mind burning, words you had hoped would never see the light of day. Well, it’s time to bring them out, read them aloud, kiss them goodbye and set them alight. Such is the invitation from local literary society VESTÄJÄT who’ll be more than happy to add your words to their bonfire of unwanted words. Literary Art On Fire is presented as part of the Big Hot Festival Ending, so come along for Sauna Lectures and throw a few paragraphs on the fire.

Pohjois-Savon kirjallinen yhdistys Vestäjät (FI)

Vestäjät, the Literary Organisation of Northern Savonia, was founded in 1960 to promote active and professional writing, the publication of its members’ texts and the study of writing. Members include professional and amateur writers as well as friends of the literary arts. Vestäjät ry also organizes literary art school Aapeli, which is a network for children and youth in North Savo.