Pilvi Porkola (FI): Follow me

ANTI Festival has invited three artists to collaborate with a child, creating three unique duets. In this duet, Pilvi Porkola collaborates with her son Anton.What if I entered the shopping centre for the first time? What would I think about it and how would I act there? Can one look at something familiar through someone else’s eyes? What does a familiar place look like through something weird?

In performance “Follow Me” two gorillas enter the shopping centre for the first time. Gorillas look around the place, wonder the surroundings and what are they allowed to do in the shopping centre. Gorillas play, dance and dream about bananas.

Pilvi Porkola (FI)

Pilvi Porkola is a Helsinki-based performance artist, writer and researcher. She graduated from the Theatre Academy with a Master’s degree in 2003. Porkola co-founded the Esitys magazine and is one of its editors. She is currently working on her doctoral thesis entitled Notes on politics, documenting and personal in performance.