Nicola Conibere (UK): Assembly

Assembly, a quiet investigation of how other people can appear to us, presents dance as a medium of meeting and exchange. It acknowledges each spectator’s unique presence without asking them to do more than watch; each time a spectator enters the space a performer will join the performance, leaving it when the same spectator departs the room. These groupings of constant variation ensure there are always as many people presenting as viewing. Performers appear in a range of simple formations as the work explores how our regard for each other can be made visible. This edition of Assembly will be performed by a group of local teenagers. The work is realized in co-operation with Regional Dance Center of Eastern Finland.

Number of audience is limited, and the audience will be let in in the order of arrival. No bookings.

Nicola Conibere (UK)

Nicola Conibere is a London based artist whose work explores the role of the body in performance with particular interests in how the exchange between performers and audience can be acknowledged through the live event. Her works have been shown at London’s Southbank Centre, Royal Opera House and the National Theatre Studios, all in the UK.

Would you like to perform in Assembly ?

Assembly is looking for teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18; no previous experience of performing or dancing is required. To prepare for the performance participants will attend a number of workshops between 20.9 and 26.9. It’s a great opportunity to work on a fascinating project.

Workshop schedule:

20.9. 12:00-17:00

21.9. 12:00-17:00

23.9. 17:00-20:00

24.9. 17:00-20:00

25.9. 17:00-20:00

26.9. 16:00-19:00

For more information and to register please contact: