Meetlab (HU): TRON

Tuesday 25.9. – Wednesday 26.9. 18:00 – 21:00 
Ylä-Pyörö school yard | Blominkatu Street 2 (Petonen district)

Thursday 27.9. 18:00 – 22:00 
Koljonniemenkatu Street 3

Friday 28.9. 18:00 – 24:00
Koljonniemenkatu Street 3

Saturday 29.9. 18:00 – 22:00
Koljonniemenkatu Street 3

We invite people of Kuopio to play TRON, the legendary and simple one-on-one video game, laser projected on a wall of a building. TRON takes us back in time to the creation of our first video games. Let’s play, cheer and challenge the winners all night long!

The Hungarian collective, Meetlab has developed an anachronistic hybrid of the ancient vector display based games and the most recent laser projection technologies. TRON is a mobile, pop-up device capable of transforming large-scale urban surfaces (bridges, facades, walls) into a playful game display. Laser projectors are often used at event venues for decorative purposes but, thanks to their vector-based programming, they are also capable of projecting vector display-based games which were popular around
the birth of computer technologies.

Join us and play TRON – the ancient, two-player snake game – in urban scale!

A Kuopio based dj, DJ Tesno adds party vibes to TRON on Friday and Saturday evenings!

The game is a public space act and has a hidden mission. People will understand the boundaries of a game and can get involved easily. During the game, they will also gain a new experience of occupying public space. Public space is the property of us all. The condition and usage of public space reports on the state of democracy. When playing in public space, we experience new and unusual behavior; it liberates us from our everyday limits and opensnew perspectives onhow we treat our built environment. The mission of TRONis to highlight the fact that public space is not an exclusive property of an authority but it belongs to all of us.

There for, we have both rights and obligations in how we use it.

Meetlab (HU): TRON

How to get there?

Tuesday 25th - Wednesday 26th in Petonen district:


Thursday 27th - Saturday 29th in the centre:

Meetlab (HU): TRON

Meetlab Budapest (HU)

Meetlab Budapest explores new ways of creating artistic projects that can’t be labeled by the present standards. The collective wishesto break the boundaries that separate performing or applied art from the technological world or design. Their goal is to find the synthesis between ART and TECH through interdisciplinary projects and invent new categories for their work; those that are based on a true contemporary view of the constantly changing world around us.


Mátyás Wolkensdorfer
Barna Dankó
László Belkovits
Bálint Tóth

TRON at ANTI Festival 2018 is supported by TelepART Mobility Programme: