Maria Kärkkäinen (FI): Take me into your arms

“Many years ago, when I was still a child, I used to dream that I flew high, abow the trees. Rising up, almost touching the branches of trees, then flying near the heaven, looking at the trees undeneath me. And then down again, twisting and turning, passing the most beautiful places and scenes. Until.I just fell, and couldn’t fly anymore. That scared me and that’s when I used to wake up. Still every time I remembered the joyful feeling of flying in my dreams I wondered why can’t I fly for real?”

In her project the artist realizes a photo session with children on the Puijo hill. The session uses wires to lift both the child and the artist up in the air. The work is recorded in photo and video and also with GoPro-cameras, that are attached to the helmet of the artist and the child.

You can follow the performance at the scene and via GoPro-camera picture that is sent online to an address we will give later.