Mari Keski-Korsu (FI): Albedo Dreams

Albedo Dreams is a piece that will be in construction during the entire festival; it plays with the idea of DIY geoengineering. Albedo is the diffuse reflectivity or reflecting power of a surface. Scientists use albedo to measure how much energy and heat our planet absorbs. Keski-Korsu’s project, however, takes a critical view on technical, large-scale climate manipulation (geoengineering). In all its absurdity, the piece questions the validity of the idea of making the planet lighter in colour; and whether it may perhaps be more advisable, after all, to look at more sustainable ways of life, saving natural resources and seeking alternatives to fossil fuels.

On Saturday the Albedo Dreams project will invite children to make and fly kites in the Kuopionlahti Park. The Albedo kites are designed to increase the reflectivity of sunlight, therefore increasing the amount of albedo in the environment, thus cooling the climate and easing climate change.

Mari Keski-Korsu (FI)

Mari Keski-Korsu is a post-media artist. She is interested in socio-economical and ecological changes in people’s everyday lives. Her work often has a strong political theme, though she handles heavy themes in a refreshingly light manner. Keski-Korsu’s works have been shown in numerous countries. She holds an MA from the University of Arts and Design Helsinki (Medialab) and a BA in visual arts from the Polytechnic of Western Lapland.

Albedo Dreams is supported by the Nordic Residency Project, a collaboration between ANTI Festival and The Festival, Reykjavik and funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Culture Fund. The Nordic Residency Project is an initiative to support live art in and around the Nordic region. Albedo Dreams was developed in Reykjavik in February 2013.