KuvanNaiset (FI): Walk of fame

On Friday the red carpet is rolled out onto the streets of Kuopio. The flashlights flicker and fans scream and cheer as someone takes the Walk of Fame.There are three ways to participate in this event. You can choose to take the Walk of Fame and be cheered by your fans; you can become a fan and scream at those that walk by; or take the third option and choose to pass on the previous two.

Are YOU ready to take the Walk of Fame? The choice is yours. You can either be a star for a moment or continue your daily life as a nobody!

How does it feel to be a celebrity? Is a person more valuable in our society when he or she is admired and noticed? Has the cult of celebrity replaced the sovereignty of the individual or is fame and its allure simply an entertaining part of our culture, as it has been for centuries?

KuvanNaiset (FI)

“KuvanNaiset is a collaboration between two young female artists from Kuopio. “We studied at the same art school, working separately. After graduation we noticed that we share the same taste in arts and the same phenomena interests us. So we decided to join forces and started to focus on matters that interest us in society”