Kris Grey (US): Suspicious Packages & ANTI Residency 2012

Anti Festival’s artist in residence for 2012, Kris Grey, has engaged in a month long residency project in collaboration with a youth group at the Savon Seta, an organization for sexual minorities in Kuopio, Finland. The ages of the group members range from 15-30 years old. Some of the major themes of their collaborative works include identity, social justice, and pride.Results of this collaboration can be spotted in club performances and interventions.

Sat 22.9. Varkaus, Club performance

Sat 29.9. at 11 p.m. Restaurant Lekkeri, Huuhankatu 4, Kuopio, Club performance

Sat 29.9. at 11 a.m. Intervention at Kuopio Market Square

The artist has also produced a site-specific installation/performance about a specific site of masculinity. Suspicious Packages is a playful inquiry into the production of a queer masculinity and the performance of gender. The video work can be seen in the window of Temple of Love -shop at Puijonkatu 24 throughout the festival.

Kris Grey (US)

Kris Grey/Justin Credible is a gender queer artist whose work combines strategies of communication, activism, community building, education, lecture, and studio production in the mediums of ceramics, sculpture, sound, mixed media, performance and live art.