Kris Grey (US) & Noora Hyvärinen: Gift

ANTI Festival has invited three artists to collaborate with a child, creating three unique duets. In this duet, Kris Grey collaborates with Noora Hyvärinen.What do American live artist Kris Grey and 9th-grade student Noora Hyvärinen from Kuopio have in common? The duo met for the first time in September in Kuopio and now invites you to join them at Snellman Park on Sunday. They will use Madeleine Flynn’s & Tim Humphrey’s The Megaphone Project to offer words of kindness, encouragement, and love to one another and to the park visitors.

Kris Grey (US)

Kris Grey/Justin Credible is a gender queer artist whose work combines strategies of communication, activism, community building, education and lecture.  His range of techniques is wide: ceramics, sculpture, sound, mixed media, performance and live art.