Kaaos Company (FI): Pond

Sunday 24.9.
14:00 Hotel Scandic pool | Satamakatu Street 1

Pond is a small retreat, where we gather around water and give ourselves into it.

 We float, we give in to the water, we get heavy, in the water, waterlike.

Kaaos Company’s new performance Pond is a collaboration between choreographer Maija Mustonen and designer Erno Aaltonen. Pond premiered in the programme of Mad House Helsinki in January 2017.

The performance puts different shapes of our bodies
into a same bath and flashes our boundaries.

Bring your own bathing suit, towel and other things you need for a good bath. You can go to sauna and bath during the performance.

Kaaos Company (FI): Pond

Working group

Performance and choreography: Sally Davison, Georgie Goater, Jonna Lehto, Gunilla Sjövall, Sanna Valkeapää, Noora Västinen

Performance concept and direction: Maija Mustonen

Lightning and sound design: Erno Aaltonen

Lightning design in Kuopio: Sofia Palillo

Costume design: Venla Korvenmaa

Costume consultation: Laura Haapakangas

Producer: Riikka Thitz

Production: Kaaos Company

In collaboration with Mad House Helsinki, Hotelli Korpilampi & Ruohonjuuri

Supported by Kone foundation, City of Espoo



Kaaos Company (FI): Pond

How to Get There?

Hotel Scandic pool

Satamakatu Street 1