Juli Reinartz (DE): Atlantic

Atlantic is performance as concert, with the live rendition of a single 40-minute song. The background of the project is as intriguing as the event itself promises to be. Artist Juli Reinartz explains “while researching different musical styles, I stumbled across what has been called the Black Atlantic”. Fascinated by the 30-year history of this complex genre where a form of “science fiction for blackness and black music” is proposed Reinartz’s Atlantic is a ‘way to become part of the Black Atlantic, to sing myself into the heart of the future, to incorporated contemporary aliens, to rework our science fiction and to become a myth with you” As roof-top gigs go this may be the most extraordinary yet…

 Atlantic is supported by the Nordic Residency Project, a collaboration between ANTI Festival and The Festival, Reykjavik and funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Culture Fund. The Nordic Residency Project is an initiative to support live art in and around the Nordic region. Atlantic was developed in Reykjavik in February 2013. The piece is also supported through a residency at WASP in June, funded by 4Culture and Jardin d’Europe.

Juli Reinartz (DE)

Juli Reinartz is originally from Germany but works in Sweden as a choreographer and performer. As a dancer she has co-operated with artists such as theatercombinat, Trajall Harrel, Angela Schubot, speechproject, Verena Billinger/Sebastian Schulz and arts collective kom.post.