Jukka Huitila (FI): Father, dad, daddy, pa, pop, my ol’ man, son and the holy family

The video work is about childhood and fatherhood experiences. Highlights and shadowgraphs of growing up; it’s a bit like opening someone’s family album on the sly or seeing someone else’s life through their flat walls. How does a light maker use light to answer his son’s questions? Can you use light to answer even your own questions?

“A circus cycle! A unicycle. It’s not a circus cycle. Well, I suppose you could call it a circus cycle. But there’s nothing so special about it really. What do you mean? Circus cycles have bigger wheels. Oh, I see. But the unicycle didn’t get the circus reputation because of the circus but because it’s much harder to ride than a bicycle. Those who couldn’t ride a unicycle thought it was funny.”

Jukka Huitila (FI)

Jukka Huitila (MSc, Theatrical Arts) has worked as a light, sound and video designer for public spaces, events and the performing arts. Huitila has been involved in the visualisation of more than a hundred performing arts productions, and he has international design experience since 2002. His work is characterised by the seamless combination of video images with lighting design. His career occupies the middle ground between visualisations and the performing arts, and it ranges from marginal creations to massive implementations. In Kuopio he will design a piece using light and video to decorate a building near Kuopio Market place.