HUUMA working group (FI): HUUMA LÄBI

The HUUMA working group organises workshops open for everyone at a youth centre and site-specific performances in public spaces.


TUE 14.9.2021 / 16.00-18.00
WED 15.9.2021 / 14.30-16.30
THU 16.9.2021 / 16.00-18.00

address: Kauppakatu 44
Accessible event


FRI 17.9.2021 / 12.00-13.00
SAT 18.9.2021 / 12.00-13.00

address: Museokatu 1
Accessible event

FRI 17.9.2021 / 13.00-14.00
SAT 18.9.2021 / 13.00-14.00

address: Kauppakatu 45
Accessible event

No need for bookings in advance.

The HUUMA workshops in Kuopio (2019-) focus on examining bodily work through contemporary dance and improvised movement. Various techniques from theatre expression are used to examine and practise interaction and emotional skills. The project involves young participants as active agents engaged in creating content together with artists. The HUUMA LÄBI workshops, open to all festival visitors, continue this practice together with wider participant groups.

HUUMA LÄBI is an experimental and exploratory space; the content and shape of the LÄBI are processed in the HUUMA workshops during autumn 2021. The working group has examined maps and routes in bodies and in city spaces.

CONCEPT & DIRECTION Kaisa Ritola & Anna-Maria Väisänen

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