How do we talk about games?

Thursday 27.9. 18.00
Restaurant Malja | Kauppakatu Street 29

Discussion and network meeting

How do we talk about games (in Finland)? What kind of conceptions do we have of video and mobile game-playing? How is gaming used in our everyday life and, for example, in arts? How could we benefit more from gaming in different social fields? How could we create operational models and communities through gaming?

We have invited specialists on games and gaming from different contexts to discuss these questions. After the panel discussion we will continue with informal networking!

The event is organized in collaboration with IGDA Kuopio, Games for Health Finland and The Finnish Critics’ Association (SARV).

The working language of the evening is Finnish.


Jonne Arjoranta, Post-doctoral Researcher at the University of Jyväskylä, Digital Culture
Jussi Loukiainen, CEO, Platonic Partnership Oy
Helmi Korhonen, Designer / Specialist in digital game play, Digipelirajat’on project, Sosped Foundation
Matti Tuomela, Performance Critic, The Finnish Critics’ Association (SARV)
Moderation by Tiina Arpola , RDI Advisor, Savonia University of Applied Sciences

How do we talk about games?

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