Gwendoline Robin (BE): Walk #6899

Gwendoline Robin associates the object with the body in space to create ever more complex installations and performances, in which object responds to space, movement to fire, light to the sound of the explosion, and in which the artist’s body can explore, perform and dance with the danger and the poetry of fire.

”There is immediacy in Gwendoline Robin’s work; a relationship with the present moment given by the suddenness of the explosion, the very essence of fire, the evanescence of smoke. It confronts us with surprise, fear, danger, relief, and with wonder, too, and humour.” (Extract from Gwendoline Robin in conversation with Tania Nasielski)

“I move slowly in order to move a piece of lifetime.

I move in order to move a cloud.

I move in order to disappear and reappear.

I move in order to run out of time.

I move in order to leave a passing mark.

I want to create action and situations that at that time evoke mental images.

These images can be insignificant, or they can change a space, a landscape, a being in an instance.”

Gwendoline Robin is presented in coproduction with Les Subsistances / Lyon in the framework of the European project ‘A Space For Live Art’. With the Support of the Culture Programme 2007-2013 of the European Union.