Gwendoline Robin (BE): Cratère n°6899

Tuesday 19.9.
Shopping centre Sektori | Puijonkatu Street 23

Cratère n°6899 is a performative approach to the element of Water.

Water is a material linked to the Universe and to the Earth.

I look for the link between the worlds of stars and oceans through our relationship with the water.

A comet falls into the Earth. A crater is formed: different transformations appear.
The landscape evolves in the rhythm of these actions.

Gwendoline Robin (BE): Cratère n°6899

Gwendoline Robin (BE)

Gwendoline Robin lives and works in Brussels.
After studying visual arts, Robin created a practice, since more than 20 years ago, between installation and performance to put her body 

in play and in danger.

Fire and explosives, but also glass, clay, and water - these are the elements which she confronts when ephemeral actions seem to densify 

time and space.

Since 2005 she has presented her performances at international performance and dance festivals in Europe, Canada, Chile, Australia and Asia.

Cratère n°6899 is produced in collaboration with Entropie productionn and supported by Grand Studio.

Gwendoline Robin (BE): Cratère n°6899

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Shopping centre Sektori

Puijonkatu Street 23