Essi Kausiainen (FI): Greenhouse

Essi Kausalainen has created her work for ANTI Festival during a one-month residency in Kuopio. The work consists of two parts: Travelling Garden (May) and Greenhouse (September). In May, Kausalainen walked around the city with her garden and asked people to draw plants for her imaginary garden. Every participant was given seeds to be grown for the project. In September, Kausalainen returns to Kuopio to see what has grown from the seeds: Greenhouse is a performance-installation build from the drawings and the plants.

Essi Kausiainen (FI)

”In my work I explore the human body/being in relation to the space that surrounds it. I’m interested in the physical experience of being (body as a space, body as an action, body as an identity). The pieces are often based on a slow process of making (of becoming). They built a poetic language of images, gestures and spaces – a language that invites the audience into a gentle dialogue. The medium of my work varies from performance and installation to drawing and video.”

The work of Essi Kausalainen is presented with the Support of the Alfred Kordelin foundation.