Emma Fält & Arka Paikka collective (FI): About Loneliness

Arka Paikka: Anja, Eeppa, Henna, Joona, Kata, Nino, Näty, Rake and Saija.

Emma Fält and the Arka Paikka group use collaborative drawing as a means to explore ideas of loneliness and isolation with young people. This fascinating project began locally in 2013 and continues during the festival with an invitation for festival-goers and those passing to leave their mark on an ever-developing installation.Arka paikka group has been created to fill youngsters need to gather and run around together. The group has gotten together by outreach youth work. Arka Paikka is an open-minded group and its members have been meeting each other for couple of years now. Youngsters of the group are interested in live art and have been for example organizing the Varjo Festival in Kuopio 2011. During the time Arka Paikka has gotten new members and now meets in varying places such as the countryside or in the city doing various stuff.

About Loneliness is supported by the Regional Dance Centre of Eastern Finland and the North Savo Arts Council.

Emma Fält

Emma Fält’s work takes a comprehensive look at drawing as a live act, an instrument of communication and a means to collaboratively explore our experience of the world around us. Emma Fält is based in Kuopio, Finland.