Don Walsh (FI): The presentation ceremony of the upcoming Experience Park `Kuopio 2009´

In this exclusive event people have the chance to experience some specially handpicked experiences from the actual upcoming Experience Park ‘Kuopio 2009’. The presentation starts at 21 and lasts about half an hour after which dj Don Walsh plays some of the greatest hits from the ancient nostalgic year of 2009. In addition to showcasing some of the great wonders of Kuopio 2009 the event is also a lively club for all festival guests.

Don Walsh (FI)

”I am a travel guide and an anthropologist and that defines my work also as an artist. My artistic work is concentrated on reconstructing ancient cities which I call Experience Parks. These I construct in co-operation with the company The Lost City Inc. My main goal in developing these Experience Parks is to allow people to travel back in time and experience the actual authentic and physical life that went on in these amazing lost cities”  – The Lost City Inc.