Dina Roncevic (HR): The Car

Dina Roncevic is an artist and a puppet animator from Croatia. She graduated from Animation and New media department at Art Academy in Zagreb, Croatia. For her graduate work she made a professional retraining to be a car mechanic. The name of the work is “suck, squeeze, bang, blow“. During this three-year-long project (2007-2010) she worked on issues of social identity and gender roles in this masculine dominated socio-cultural niche. Project’s aim is also to deconstruct the categories of identity or to be more specific, questions of gender and sex roles.

In her later works, Dina continues to deal with gender, importing traditional female handwork in her work.

At ANTI Festival, artist is organizing a happening in which she will deconstruct a machine, with the help from a small group of teenage girl apprentices.