Davida Hewlett (CA/UK) with Astro Can Caravan (FI): Untitled- as of yet, a song for a ANTI Festival and Kuopio

For ANTI Festival Davida Hewlett will collaborate with Finland’s acclaimed band Astro Can Caravan to create a song for Kuopio.The entire project – the writing, recording and performing of the song, along with making its music-video – will be created in less than a week. Hewlett will arrive in Kuopio, meet the band for the first time and begin work on the song as she attempts to find and understand the essence of Kuopio.

Join Hewlett and Astro Can Caravan as they premier the results of this experimental encounter at the ANTI Festival centre party night.

Davida Hewlett (CA/UK)

Davida Hewlett is an artist working in variable combinations of video, performance, writing, music, intervention and installation. Hewlett explores the awkwardness of making contact with the outside world through staging low-tech performance experiments and creating musical compositions in collaboration with other artists and musicians. Her interest in popular forms has produced a wide array of humorous and playful events for stage, street and video.

Hewlett grew up in Liverpool and Canada and began working in performance in 1990. Alongside commissions from leading venues across the UK, Hewlett has presented her work at many festivals and events including The National Review of Live Art, Glasgow and The Singer and The Song, Theatre Museum, London. Currently Hewlett is working on a film project with James Tyson and collaborating with artist Paul Granjon as B.O.R.N; performing songs with the help of robots and other guests. Hewlett now lives in Cardiff, Wales, where she coordinates an advocacy project for young people with learning disabilities.