Brian Lobel (UK) etc: Cruising for Art

Looking for a good time? Look no further than the streets of Kuopio where carrying the cruising bag will bring you unexpected pleasures of the most joyful nature. Clearly display your bag, available from the ANTI Festival Centre, and a secret world of one-toone performances is yours, but when and where? And who with? It’s time to find out…The performances and experiences of Cruising for Art will be led by the work’s creator Brian Lobel and undertaken by a group of top representatives of live art, such as Stacy Makishi, Season Butler, Owen G Parry and Luke Pell from the UK and Kuopio-based performance artists such as Henna Hartikainen, Sannamaria Kuula, Johanna Partio and Reetta Varis. There is also a bunch of other artists; David Frankovich, Hannah Gullichsen, Ulla-Riina Hannula, Iiris Luukkonen, Vili Nissinen, Ville Nylén, Elina Selamo, Diana Soria and Anna-Leena Ryyppö.

Cruising Instructions:

Get your cruising bag from ANTI Festival Centre at Hotel Puijonsarvi.

Proudly display your bag whenever you’re on the streets circled in red. Your bag is the sign that you’re looking for a good time. Your bag is the sign but make sure to cruise with your eyes – artists will choose those who look directly into their eyes. So have a good look at everyone you see. Don’t be shy.

With luck you’ll be approached by a cruising artist – they’ll have something for you. Enjoy!

Don’t be disappointed if you’re not immediately approached, it’s nothing personal. Keep at it, try again tomorrow – good things come to those who wait, right?

If you find an encounter already underway feel free to watch from a distance but it’s impolite to join without an invitation.

Cruising for Art caters for all ages. There’s thrillingly grown-up stuff for the adult audience and brilliantly entertaining encounters for children and young people alike – just wear your bag with pride and an age-appropriate performance is just around the corner.