Antti Laitinen (FI): Walk the line

In Walk The Line Laitinen will walk his portrait onto Kuopio with the help of a satellite positioning device (GPS). Laitinen will first print his portrait onto a map of Kuopio, orientate himself according to the lines of the portrait and then begin to walk though the city. The GPS will log his journey ‘drawing’ his portrait across the city’s streets.

Watch Laitinen’s portrait develop at

The portrait’s development will also be shown during the seminar on Friday

Antti Laitinen (FI)

“In my performances, I place myself in different absurd situations that underlie an ironic and personal take on various social and cultural phenomena. The absurdity comes from the seriousness with which it is performed. My artistic practice is located between performance art and visual art. I make performances that are sometimes translated into photographs, videos and/or sculptural work. I am interested in transforming physical activity in works of art and in this sense, my art practice is very much process oriented.”