Anouska Samms & Sofia Pancucci-McQueen (UK): The Baths

Wednesday 20.9. – Friday 22.9.
17:00 – 22:00 On-going screening
Koivula Villa & Sauna | Savisaari Street 61

Tucked away in the corner of an industrial estate in the East End of London is a steam baths where men meet to wash, eat and chat. Visited daily by culturally diverse groups, it’s where bathing rituals intertwine and collective memories are forged.

Made by two female filmmakers, The Baths explores masculinity in this unique setting and invites us to observe often unseen cultural traditions and social interactions.

The film’s haptic imagery – inspired by Laura Marks’ ideas of haptic visuality – creates a powerfully visceral experience for viewers, making them feel like they are sat in the baths and experiencing the space’s extreme conditions. Whether disorientated through the use of Go-Pro in claustrophobic steam rooms or sat uncomfortably close to naked men, viewers are sensorily engaged throughout by the filmic image, and are thus given the opportunity to experience documentary filmmaking differently.

Enjoy sauna by a lake after the film! Please bring your own towel, swimming suit and refreshments.

Anouska Samms & Sofia Pancucci-McQueen (UK): The Baths

Anouska Samms & Sofia Pancucci-McQueen (UK)

Anouska Samms and Sofia Pancucci-McQueen’s work explores the transcultural nature of contemporary society. Focusing specifically on British culture, they are interested in how collective memory reveals itself at the level of the corporeal, overcoming traditional ethnographic representations of the body.

Anouska graduated with an MA in Contemporary Art Theory at Goldsmiths University (2016), whilst Sofia graduated with an MA in Art and Visual Culture at the University of Westminster (2017). They have been invited to speak about their practice at a number of events, including a study day organised by CREAM (Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media).

Anouska Samms & Sofia Pancucci-McQueen (UK): The Baths

How to Get There?

Koivula Villa & Sauna

Savisaari Street 61

Bus 20 leaves near the Market Square from Tullinkulma 2 L bus stop. Exit from the bus at the Savisaari P stop. Koivula is located about one kilometer from the bus stop.