Andy Whall (UK): Blocart

Andy Whall will use what he calls a ‘boulder problem’* as the site and subject for his contribution to ANTI Festival 2009. Framed as an encounter with the poetics of experience, Whall will use drawing, photography and performance to ‘represent’ the phenomena of the boulder problem.

*A boulder problem is a severe and physical short rock climb. Aesthetics and difficulty are more important than achieving a summit.

Andy Whall (UK)

“I am a performance artist and climber exploring and establishing the means of representing the experience of bouldering in art. Bouldering is a particular form of climbing which emphasizes the aesthetic qualities of bodily movement across the surface of the rock, and uses this aesthetic bodily awareness to seek out uncharted routes across the rock face and to generate new points and lines of contact between the human being and the natural world, and thereby to suggest new possibilities as regards the representation and ‘performance’ of landscape”