All The Queens Men (AU)

Established by Australian artists Tristan Meecham and Bec Reid, All The Queens Men (ATQM) champion social equality celebrating diverse communities through creative actions, contemporary arts and socially engaged frameworks. Their work is presented globally at arts festivals and other cultural contexts.Combining contemporary art forms and tropes, All The Queens Men engage people from different backgrounds in the making and performing of their inclusive works, celebrating these ‘everyday experts’ in exciting and technically proficient art contexts.

With over 30 years of combined experience in contemporary community engagement, some of their recent creative actions include; The Coming Back Out Ball, a spectacular social event celebrating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) elders; Congress, a citizens’ assembly in which diverse community members collaborate with professional wordsmiths to create first political speeches for our collective future; Fun Run, a riotous performance spectacle in which Tristan runs a marathon on a treadmill live on stage supported by hundreds of performers from the local community and LGBTI Elders Dance Club, a free monthly social event for rainbow seniors.

All The Queens Men received Victorian Green Room Award for their 2017 Body of Work.

Tristan Meecham is a performance artist who is passionate about connecting community, audience and artists together in events that transcend the everyday. Bec Reid is a performer, producer, director, choreographer and engagement specialist who encourages people to see their world in new ways through highly physical, participatory, practical, collaborative and celebratory actions.

1. All The Queens Men (2017)