Alexis O’Hara (CA): Traipsing(ing)

Many of us sing, hum or whistle as we walk. Whether it’s a ubiquitous pop song or our own aria, our steps are guided by inner melodies. With Traipsing(ing) a choral song is composed using cumulative recordings that participants create spontaneously while walking a predetermined path. Participants are given a map & a recording device. Listening to a bed track while walking, they press record and join in when they like. O’Hara will then edit the tracks to compose what she promises will be a collaborative masterpiece!

Once you’ve made your recording come back to Intro, the festival centre at 6pm on Sunday to hear the premier of the collective Traipsing(ing) track.

Alexis O’Hara (CA)

“I create events that examine connections in the context of the spectacle. Improvisation is a favourite tool as it carries the omnipresent possibility of error and failure, it creates circumstances whereby the spectator is refocused with present-minded awareness. As an auto-didact, I am interested in the principles of do-it-yourself and ‘availabism’. I work with sound because it is an extro-visual medium that allows the spectators’imaginations to run wild. My recent obsession is to sort out ways to remove the performer from the performance.”

Alexis also perform at the ANTI club night on Sat 26/9 11pm