Ainu-Eliina Palmu (FI): Pink Caravan

Kuopio is in the pink as Ainu Palmu’s Caravan pulls into town. By day a pink workforce set the scene for what, by night, is something of a surprise – the town turns to pink, one building at a time. The idea for Pink Caravan came from the playful spirit of artist Ainu Palmu, who wanted simply to spread a little joy. Public buildings, often regarded as somewhat austere and official, become pink, and even welcoming, once the caravan comes around.

The five chosen sites are announced each in its turn at noon everyday.  The opening site is public already; we will start from Old Kuopio Museum, where the cafe is also open until 8.30 pm. It is only possible to admire the building for one night as come morning the caravan moves on to beautify a new location. Check ANTI’s Facebook page, Twitter and website for the daily announcement.

Ainu-Eliina Palmu (FI)

Ainu-Eliina Palmu is a light artist who trained in Tampere and London.Specialising in modern dance and circus she has created work for the stage, exhibitions and architectural environments.Palmu has spoken about the potential of working with light, of small miracles, of three-dimensionality and givingobjects form.

Pink Caravan was commissioned by the City of Helsinki for Lux Helsinki 2013.