Adele Prince (UK): The daily commute

A feat of physical and mental endurance as the artist walks the full marathon distance of 42.195km. Time and distance measurements will be relayed via a digital display at the project’s base-camp as Prince repeatedly walks a 1km route through the local area, passing through shops, offices and public space as the artist joins shoppers, workers and residents on their daily journey through the city.

Adele Prince (UK)

“I work with a process of investigation, often focussing on a journey through the urban environment, such as Trolley Spotting made for the exhibition Day-to-Day Data,UK, or across a rural landscape such as my 91 mile run through Lincolnshire for Beacon Art Project, UK. This has taken the form of moving image, interactive websites and durational performance. I like to focus on everyday life, things we overlook, then ask people to take a good look at what they are doing”