600 HIGHWAYMEN (US): A THOUSAND WAYS (Part One): A Phone Call

WED 8.9. – SAT 18.9.2021 (multiple performance times)

100% COVID safe / Accessible event


WED 8.9.2021 / 15.00, 16.30, 18.00, 19.30 & 21.00
THU 9.9.2021 / 15.00, 16.30, 18.00, 19.30 & 21.00
FRI 10.9.2021 / 15.00, 16.30, 18.00, 19.30 & 21.00
SAT 11.9.2021 / 11.00, 12.30, 14.00, 15.30 & 17.00
SUN 12.9.2021 / 11.00, 12.30, 14.00, 15.30 & 17.00

TUE 14.9.2021 / 15.00, 16.30, 18.00, 19.30 & 21.00
WED 15.9.2021 / 15.00, 16.30, 18.00, 19.30 & 21.00
THU 16.9.2021 / 15.00, 16.30, 18.00, 19.30 & 21.00
FRI 17.9.2021 / 11.00, 12.30, 14.00, 15.30 & 17.00
SAT 18.9.2021 / 11.00, 12.30, 14.00, 15.30 & 17.00

NOTE: All performance times are EEST

A map for finding one another through distance. A performance about communion, distance,
and reconnection from one of the world’s most acclaimed theater companies.

A Thousand Ways is an enthralling, imaginative, and profound social experience that delivers us from isolation to congregation. A treasure hunt. An essential reckoning. This triptych of encounters is designed around social distancing rules to meet participants where they are and when they are.

Pick up the phone. Someone is on the line. You don’t know their name, and you still won’t when the hour is over, but through this exchange – as you follow a thread of automated prompts – a portrait of your partner will emerge through fleeting moments of exposure.

DURATION 45-60 min.

Experience also the Part Two: An Encounter at ANTI Festival!

Safe festival experience

Please follow our general instructions for a COVID safe festival experience!

600 HIGHWAYMEN (US): A THOUSAND WAYS (Part One): A Phone Call

FAQ for Part One

This experience cannot take place without you.
This is an experience for two people – just you and another ticket holder. The other person is counting on your attendance. If you do not attend, the experience cannot take place.

How does it work?
24 hours before, we will send you a phone number to call at your scheduled performance time. Please call this number at your scheduled performance time.

Can I attend the experience with another member of my household?
This ticket is for one person only. Members of the same household must have their own ticket and separate devices to join the event.

Where should I call from?
Your place of current residence,in a quiet indoor space with a strong telephone signal, and by yourself.

What kind of phone do I need?
Any phone will work. All that matters is that it’s charged, cordless, and gets good reception.

Can I use headphones or speakerphone?
Corded headphones are fine. Bluetooth/wireless headphones are not recommended. Please do not use speakerphone.

I’m calling from another country, what should I do?
Please reach out to the box office [include email and/or phone number], and we’ll give you a local phone number.

600 HIGHWAYMEN (US): A THOUSAND WAYS (Part One): A Phone Call


Written & created by Abigail Browde & Michael Silverstone
Executive Producer: Thomas O. Kriegsmann / ArKtype
Line Producer: Sami Pyne
Dramaturg & Project Design: Andrew Kircher
Part One: A Phone Call Sound Design: Stanley Mathabane

This production was commissioned by The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi, Stanford Live at Stanford University, Festival Theaterformen, and The Public Theater, and was originally commissioned and co-conceived by Temple Contemporary at Temple University. Part One: A Phone Call was developed in partnership with On the Boards production and technical teams. Original support for the production was provided by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, Philadelphia.

600 HIGHWAYMEN (US): A THOUSAND WAYS (Part One): A Phone Call


Since 2009, 600 HIGHWAYMEN (Abigail Browde and Michael Silverstone) have been making live art that, through a variety of radical approaches, illuminates the inherent poignancy of people coming together. The work exists at the intersection of theater, dance, contemporary performance, and civic encounter. Though the processes are varied, each project revolves around the same curiosity: what occurs in the live encounter between people.

600 HIGHWAYMEN has been called the “the standard-bearers of contemporary theater-making” by Le Monde, and “one of New York’s best nontraditional theater companies” by The New Yorker. They have received commissions from The Public Theater, Temple Contemporary, Salzburg Festival, and Festival Theaterformen. They are recipients of an Obie Award and Switzerland’s ZKB Patronage Prize, and nominees for Austria’s Nestroy Prize, the prestigious Alpert Award and NYC’s Bessie Award. In 2016, Browde and Silverstone were named artist fellows by the New York Foundation for the Arts.