Shortlist & Jury 2021

Artist and choreographer Alex Baczynski-Jenkins engages with queer affect, embodiment and relationality.
Through gesture, collectivity, touch and sensuality, his practice unfolds structures and politics of desire.

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keyon gaskin prefers not to contextualize with their credentials. Read more ▸

Florentina Holzinger’s dance pieces are driven by the notion of identity, sexual and physical transgression. Drawing inspiration as much from Viennese Actionism, body art and bodybuilding as from classical ballet, cabaret and circus; she deconstructs, performance after performance, the very definition of femininity. Read more ▸

Narcissister is a Brooklyn-based artist and performer. Wearing mask and merkin, she works at the intersection of contemporary dance, visual art, and activism. She actively integrates her prior experience as a professional dancer and commercial artist with her art practice in a range of media including live performance, collage, sculpture, video, film, and experimental music. She has presented work worldwide at festivals, nightclubs, museums, and galleries. Read more ▸