Internationally and locally trusted partner


After several collaboration projects during the 16 years, ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival is an internationally and locally trusted partner. Locally, we co-operate with public organisations, universities, schools and various business and not-for-profit organisations. ANTI Festival has participated in international collaboration projects such as A Space for Live Art and Up to Nature. During the years 2015 and 2016, ANTI lead a European Social Fund project Open Spaces. During the following four years, the festival will work as a part of the
Future DiverCities -  Creativity in Urban Context.


More about our other collaboration projects below!



 New Start Finland!


ANTI Festival is a part of the New Start Finland! research project lead by Janet Anand, Professor of International Social Work at the University of Eastern Finland. New Start Finland! is a part of the larger research project PROMEQ - Inclusive Promotion of Health and Wellbeing (2016-2019).



New Start Finland! aims at promoting health, wellbeing and integration of immigrants and asylum seekers.



ANTI Festival contributed in New Start Finland! by producing a community arts project lead by Helsinki based, American artist Ernest Truely. Both new immigrants and Finnish in origin were invited to participate in the workshops of the project through April and October 2017.  The artistic outcome of the project was presented in the programme of ANTI – Contemporary Festival which took place between 19th and 24th September 2017.


More information: Producer Jyri Väisänen, +358 50 409 8519,