New additions to ANTI Festival 2018 programme!

Media release 26.6.2018

The 17th edition of ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival will take place between 25th and 30th September 2018. The festival focuses on the themes of play, playfulness, games and gaming.

We are excited to announce the below additions to our festival programme:

Anna Maria Häkkinen, Lotta Suomi & Emil Uuttu (FI): Wrestling Club

Wrestling is not bound to numbers or embodiments of age, size or gender! The Wrestling Club is a workshop and a performance. The artists gather to wrestle together with local workshop participants, to prepare participants’ bodies for the performance. Audiences are invited to follow the pre-written but unrehearsed performance, featured by a loud bass-driven DJ set, and feel the bodily experience of the wrestlers in their own bodies. Image above by Kristian Palmu.


Meetlab (HU): TRON

We invite people of Kuopio to play TRON, the legendary and simple one-on-one video game, laser projected on a wall of a building. Developed by the Hungarian collective Meetlab, TRON is a mobile, pop-up device capable of transforming large-scale urban surfaces into a playful game display. TRON takes us back in time to the creation of our first video games. Let’s play, cheer and challenge the winners all night long!



Theatre of Research (DE): Playing Up

Make clothes out of food, lie on top of cars, dance with animals, have a ketchup fight, follow a random passerby, invent your own form of sport, search for miracles. Drawing on key Live Art themes and seminal works, PLAYING UP takes the form of a game played by adults and kids together. Devised by Sibylle Peters and published and produced by Theatre of Research (Germany), Live Art Development Agency (UK) and Tate Early Years and Family Programme (UK). Facilitated in Kuopio by Christopher Weymann.


Photo: Seraphina Neville
Photo: Seraphina Neville

ANTI pop-up play space

ANTI pop-up play space is a playing space and festival hub open throughout the festival between 25thand 30thSeptember. We have invited a number of artists to present and facilitate their innovative and exciting games in the space. The pop-up play space programme includes:

Richard DeDomenici (UK): The Swivelympics

The Swivelympics is your chance to achieve international sporting greatness without standing up! The aim of Swivelympics – other than world peace and human understanding – is to complete the most number of spins in one self-propelled push in a standard office swivel chair. The current world record is 48.5 spins. If you manage to beat that score, you’ll win a genuine gold medal, made entirely out of plastic!



Hai Art, Antye Greie-Ripatti (DE/FI), Juan Duarte Regino (MX) & Eerika Jalasaho (FI): Sound Map Kuopio

A new field-recording sound app for smart devices for the city Kuopio will be launched at this year’s ANTI Festival. Sound Map Kuopio captures sounds of Kuopio in an imaginative, participatory way and ask questions such as which sound do you connect with the city of Kuopio? Which sound belongs to Kuopio, whether you love it or not?


Photo: Eerika Jalasaho
Photo: Eerika Jalasaho

point and place (UK etc): Hexagons

Hexagons is a game created by the artist collective point and place, exploring landscape, the body and acts of communication. Drawing on an archive of images created over 10 years of collaborative practice, the game is made of 33 paired images, printed on beautifully crafted hexagonal pieces.  An invitation to play and explore, Hexagons can be played as the traditional memory game ‘Pelmanism’ or used as a starting point for creative interaction and improvised play.



Games for Health Finland & IGDA Kuopio: Retro Game Corner

ANTI Festival’s local partners will set up a spot to play retro video games in good company. Retro Game Corner is a platform for intergenerational sharing and a review of the history of video games!

See also our April programme release with

Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey (AU): Pivot
Action Hero (UK): Oh Europa
Tania El Khoury (LB): The Search for Power &
As Far As My Fingertips Take Me
Signe Becker (NO), Rosalind Goldberg (SE) & Ingvild Langgård (NO): Still Life

Full festival programme published in August. The festival is free to attend.

For more information, go to our website or contact Elisa Itkonen,, +358 50 350 2005.

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