ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival

For our 2020 festival ANTI is thrilled to announce partnership with Kuopio Region of Gastronomy, coordinated by ProAgria Eastern Finland and Savonia University. The 19th edition of ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival will take place between 8th and 13th September 2020 in Kuopio, Finland. We have invited artists, working in any field, to present projects that directly engage with the theme of food.

“Food sits at the heart of human civilization. It touches the intensely personal, the national, and the global with equal emphasis. Is there an industry, a field, an activity, a substance with more political, social and economic importance than food? Eating together civilizes us and yet the production of food and its impact on the world’s resources is rapidly endangering the continuation of human life. Every meal we eat is arguably a part of this discourse and yet without difficulty, and with genuine joy, we are able to attribute deep pleasure, sensorial delight and an abundance of feelings of wellbeing, happiness and belonging to the food we surround ourselves with. Food touches every part of our lives, it speaks to sensuality, sexuality, gender, race, class; it forms the background and the foreground to our days, it nourishes and sustains. Food is, as it always has been, a joyful and
complex reminder of our place in this world,”

Artistic Directors Gregg Whelan and Johanna Tuukkanen write.

The 2020 edition of ANTI Festival celebrates Kuopio’s winning nomination as the European Region of Gastronomy 2020. For an introduction to Kuopio’s food producers, street food festivals, restaurants and traditional markets see this video.

During the festival week, we will award ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art, one of world’s most exciting cultural prizes. The prize nominees will present their pieces in Kuopio during the festival in our Shortlist LIVE! programme. We will also experience the commissioned works by the previous prize winners, Sonya Lindfors (2018) and Dana Michel (2019).

The full festival programme will be announced during the spring.