Sanna From & Riina Hannuksela (FI): I Love Me Lunch Play

Tuesday 25.9. – Friday 28.9. 12:00 – 13:00
Mobile | Participant’s current location

“This game will solve all the problems you might have in your life.”

The main goal of I Love Me Lunch Play is to get new perspectives on your everyday life. You can play this game in your everyday surroundings, inside or outside, in institutions, work places, schools, malls, parks, yards, streets etc.

The aim is to have fun, to laugh, to get inspired, to trust yourself, to exercise, to be original, to meditate, to be in contact with the whole universe, to enlighten your body and your soul, to unite with all creatures of the world, to be a better person and the best project manager of all, to make your family and pets love you, to fall in love with yourself, to connect yourself with your inner powers, to make you more flexible mentally and physically, to make you a better dancer, to clear your chakras by getting rid of all the bad energy inside and outside of you, to get the angels to guard you… You name it.