Artist Lab: Anne Roquigny (FR)

Anne Roquigny is a French independant media art curator specialised in hybrid digital projects related to networks, the internet, sound and visual arts. She is the creator of the Webjays project an innovative public display for curating and exhibiting online projects. Her performances, shows, workshops, conferences and publications have been presented internationally at renowned venues, festival and museums.

In 2016, she founded with David Guez, the Host An Artist, platform online exchange platform for property owners and artists and in 2017, with Valentina Peri she founded the network SALOON Paris.

portrait_anne_roquigny- NBHtedefe
Anne Roquigny

In the late 90’s, Anne Roquigny started curating some browser based and digital art projects at the Webbar, an internet café/art gallery in Paris where she was in charge of the cultural events. In 1999, she joined the CICV Pierre Schaeffer, one of the first French new media art centres where she worked as artistic curator of the international Urban Multimedia Arts festivals and co-director of the production and residency venue. From 2002 to 2004, Anne was responsible at La Gaité Lyrique of the general coordination of the preliminary project of, the parisian Digital Art Center and organized with Pierre Bongiovanni the first Nuit Blanche in Paris. From 2006 to 2016 she co-coordinated the Locus Sonus sound lab at the School of art of Aix en Provence.

Publications :
In 2009 and in 2013 Anne Roquigny is the guest chief editor of the MCD publications and launches WJ-SPOTS #1 “15 years of artistic creation on the Internet” and WJ-SPOTS#2 “Net Art – Artists take over the network”. Two publications in which 100 personalities of the Internet (artists, critics, researchers and curators) were invited to give us the keys, references
and insights to comprehend the various art forms that coexist on the net, in its interstices and its peripheries.

In October 2013 Anne Roquigny is awarded the Transnomades “ARTS & NETWORK(S)” price in Brussels.

14.-20.9.2017 Future DiverCities: Artist Lab