ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival 25.-30.9.2018

  The programme will be published
in the spring 2018!

The 17th edition of ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival will take place between 25th and 30th September 2018. We now invite artists, working in any field, to propose projects that directly engage with ideas of play, playfulness, games and gaming. A playful engagement with the spaces of Kuopio, ANTI Festival’s host city, has been at the heart of our approach to bringing vital, exciting and surprising contemporary art to this ever receptive and inquisitive community. For 2018 we’re focusing our attentions properly on play and gaming – gaming in both its contemporary sense as an engagement with digital environments but also in a more expanded sense: what games, and what play, as adults, as young people, as children, do we engaged with – what forms does play take, and where and
how to do we encounter it?

We have some clear answers, organised games are played habitually across the world – football, chess, bowls, snooker – all have their professional contexts but all too engender mass engagement and participation. Other forms of play, particularly for adults, have surfaced across the last half-century. Much is discussed around skateboarding and how that practice playfully renegotiates urban space, free-running and parkour have continued the same pursuit. Rural environments, long the space of adventure, journey and leisure, have their associated play activities and in more recent years digital and virtual technologies have created a playing space of incredible scale and value, one to rival, and royally beat, those more passive forms of entertainment.

Play and games, in forms as divergent as any other realm of human activity, sit at the heart of the contemporary experience. Games are in our pockets, on our screens, in our bodies, they are played in and on the city, the landscape, the sea, the globe. They keep us well, they move us, orientate us, challenge us, frustrate us and entertain us. Games and play have become a way – an active way – of understanding the world and each other.

For our 2018 festival ANTI is thrilled to announce partnerships with Games for Health Finland and the International Game Developers Association, Kuopio Hub.

Games for Health Finland is coordinated by the Savonia University of Applied Sciences.