Future DiverSocieties Lab


ANTI Festival will be hosting the second Future DiverCities Lab in Kuopio prior and during the festival. Four international artists will be exploring how digital technologies can augment socially engaged arts practices.

The Future DiverSocieties Lab will pair performance makers, who although socially engaged with participatory frameworks are yet to fully explore the potentials of digital practices, with artists whose primary space of engagement is digital technology and digital culture. Four artists, two from each field, will work together – using soft and hard collaborative structures – to investigate and explore how each other’s work may be furthered, tested and expanded by engagement with each other. The artists are

Joseph O’Farrel (AU)
Nastja Säde Rönkkö (FI)
Davor Sanvincenti (HR)
Anne Roquigny (FR)

The Lab is hosted by ANTI in partnership with creative facilitators The Map Consortium (UK)
and artists local to Kuopio.